TeachinArt (interview)

Antoinette interviews Curtis Benzle| TeachinArt

Curtis Benzle is a ceramic artist who presented hands-on workshops in multiple countries. His fine translucent porcelain vessels is in the Whitehouse collection, museums, galleries, private collections and on the pages of several international ceramic and art magazines and books.

Curt is an online instructor at TeachinArt and has online students across the world with his Colored Clay e-course.

He developed a workshop and methodology that helped many artist to be highly successful as artists and earn a good income as artist. This class is now available online and artists who attend the class will have direct access to Curt who will answer all their questions.

Antoinette Badenhorst is a porcelain artist and co-owner of TeachinArt.
Links to the online classes of Curt at TeachinArt.
Colored Clay (teachinart.com/colored-clay.html)
All Artists Making A Living (AAMAL) (teachinart.com/aamal.html)