Translucency in porcelain is a great example of an overlooked aesthetic virtue. While being one of the hallmarks of porcelain (along with density and “tone” or “ring”), translucency is often misperceived as being unrealized transparency. This is no more the case than lingerie being unrealized nudity. Translucency suggests. Translucency implies. Translucency entices and encourages closer examination.

The primary purpose of my art is to embrace the illusive, emotional content of traditional beauty. Instead of precisely rendered images that describe but a moment in time, I aspire to communicate the feeling behind moments—-the mysteries within a cloud shrouded morning mist as opposed to the simple, glaring reality of a sun filled-afternoon.

Clearly transmitted light—transparency–excites the senses. Caressed light—translucency—sooths the senses. My aesthetic intention is to provide a visual sanctuary. Translucency is a vital tool required to realize that intention.